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At William College, we envision a future where education empowers individuals to create positive changes in society. Situated strategically in the vibrant city of London, William College is dedicated to offering an inclusive and dynamic learning experience. We pride ourselves on fostering a nurturing and engaging educational environment that encourages personal and academic growth. By focusing on dynamic learning atmospheres and forming strategic collaborations with UK universities, William College aspires to make a meaningful impact in the field of education. Our goal is to support students in achieving their full potential and contributing positively to their communities


Popular Courses

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Business and Management (Law) with Foundation Year*
*Subject to approval

Business Management (Law) will give you a wide understanding of key legal topics.

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LLB (Hons) Law
*Subject to approval

Our law degree, known as an LLB or Bachelor of Laws, is equivalent to a BA or BSc.

Where to Start

What to Study

At William College, we offer a diverse range of programs including Law, Criminology, Psychology, and Policing. Explore your passions and prepare for a fulfilling career with our specialized courses.

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Fees and Student Funding

Preparing for higher education requires careful budgeting. We provide guidance on tuition costs, financial aid options, and effective money management strategies.

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Student Support and Employability

At William College, we are dedicated to your success. We offer academic advising, counseling, and career guidance, along with workshops to enhance your employability. Our strong industry connections help ensure you are well-prepared for your career.

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Why Us

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Choices for everyone

We always welcome student from different background such as mature students and those without a high school diploma and have courses to accommodate their needs.


Flexible Studies

Whether you're balancing the demands of a career, the responsibilities of family, or the pursuit of personal interests, our programme is designed to synchronize with your unique tempo


Embracing Diversity

Our student body hails from various corners of the globe, fostering a rich and vibrant learning environment where different perspectives and experiences are valued.

Our Campus

Stratford Olympic park

Where we are located

Our flagship campus in London's Stratford boasts an exceptional location, just a stone's throw away from the bustling Stratford Station and the iconic Westfield Shopping Mall. Nestled in the heart of East London, the Stratford campus is not only well-connected but also provides students with a vibrant atmosphere for both study and leisure. This location offers students exposure to a professional environment, enabling them to connect with industry leaders and gain unique perspectives.

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